One thought on “What is the purpose of the analytic rubric?

  1. Arti says:

    Unlike an analytic rubric, it focuses exclusively on the level of proficiency expected coupled with personalized feedback. Like an analytic rubric, the single point rubric also seeks to clarify expectations,  justify grades, make students aware of success criteria, and promote peer review. The purpose of a single point rubric is both similar to and alternative from analytic rubrics. The purpose of an analytic rubric is to clarify expectations by making grading criteria explicit and quantifiable. They are also able to justify the grades they assign. Students are made aware of the requirements of an assignment and are able to self-assess while working and before submitting an assignment. A single point rubric is a modification of a traditional analytic rubric. Teachers are able to provide students with specific criteria students need to meet to earn a specific grade. Analytic rubrics can be also be used as a peer review tool.

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