One thought on “What kind of dog is a Frenchton?

  1. Arti says:

    You don’t want a hiking buddy, and you don’t want a couch potato. Frenchtons are versatile yet warmhearted dogs. You need a pup that’s a fewwhere in the middle (but maybe a little closer to couch potato). They’ll entertain you with a quick burst of the zoomies, then curl up beside you on the couch for a few snuggles. These dogs tire out quickly, so one hour a day should suffice. You’re looking for a new dog to join your pack’s ranks. If you don’t enjoy exercise, you’ll be in good company with a Frenchton by your side. S in the 1990s with a noble purpose: to be a healthier version of the French Bulldog. As a relatively new designer hybrid, the Frenchton has a fairly short but exciting history. As a relative

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