One thought on “What makes Yale Medicine’s approach to treating hip fracture unique?

  1. Arti says:

    Most geriatric hip fractures are diagnosed in the emergency room, based on the patient’s description of symptoms (a fall, followed by intense pain in the hip or groin), a physical exam and an X-ray. Yale Medicine is a national leader in developing new and better approaches for treating hip fracture, and is the only hospital in the United States with a dedicated geriatric hip fracture service. The highly efficient treatment protocol, developed by Dr. Baumgaertner and his Yale Medicine and Yale New Haven Hospital colleagues, ensures that vulnerable patients are made comfortable and given the highest quality treatment quickly – offering them higher odds of recovery and a speedier return to their lives. Treatment involves surgery, either to replace the fractured ball joint or to repair the leg’s femur bone. This type of hip fracture is called a femoral neck fracture; the break is at the top of the femur. Though these patients also require surgery, the procedures seem to be complicated by the fact that there may be many fractured bones and other medical problems that need to be addressed at the same time. Patients may be admitted and given painkillers until their surgeon and an operating room are available. That often takes several days, which is not optimal for these fragile patients. But, because these injuries are unpredictable, most hospitals strug

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