One thought on “What medical conditions are the most common with Ceskies and how can breeders work together to diminish them?

  1. Arti says:

    Dr. Horak, who developed the breed, was quite ruthless in his breeding program to establish the breed and as a result, we do not have many health issues to deal with. He had successfully bred several litters in the Czech Republic. I give the breeding males an Omega 3 fish oil supplement on the recommendation of my specialist. My Theriogenologist recommended that we put him on Omega 3 and retest in 2 months as sperm regenerates in 2 months. The last male I imported was tested shortly after arrival and the semen was not great. Currently, I have 15 adults in my kennel with 5 of them looking for retirement homes. I generally have 2 litters per year with a preference for whelping dates in January/February so the pups go home in the spring.

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