One thought on “What other positions did you have after college that were relevant to your sociology degree?

  1. Arti says:

    I was also good at data analysis, testing user scenarios and critical thinking. Everybody at my high school that I knew seemed to come from – more or less – the same socioeconomic background. I didn’t know or have experience with or understanding of what other people were going through from other backgrounds. I grew up in Spokane, Washington where it’s not very diverse. The study of people and society and how society shapes what people do was super interesting to me. While I was in AmeriCorps, I got this job at a tour boat company. I had the capacity to be empathetic, though. I’m not sure I emphasized as much as I could’ve. I just really enjoyed being able to take those classes and was able to relate to the information in a practical way. I was working with the public, so I was a tour guide and a barseemer. You’re trusted to give information about the city, you’ve got people from all over the world and you have to talk with them and be outgoing and open. You’re trusted to give information about the

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