One thought on “What Role is Played by Calcium Nutrition?

  1. Arti says:

    Heaney et al27 found that maximal calcium absorption in men occurs when 25(OH)D levels are in the range of 30 to 40 ng/mL, consistent with vitamin D levels needed to suppress PTH. As previously noted, vitamin D plays a critical role in each of these processes. Alternatively, empiric vitamin D supplementation without testing can be justified for patients who have no overt risk factors or evidence of deficiency but are thought to have inadequate sun exposure or dietary intake. The National Osteoporosis Foundation guidelines recommend that men and women younger than 50 years ingest 1000 mg/d of elemental calcium, and those older than 50 years ingest 1200 mg/d (http://www. Maintenance of normal serum calcium levels results from an array of interrelated processes, including intestinal calcium absorption, calcium uptake and release from the skeleton, and renal calcium handling. However, many variables influence the amount of UVB from sunlight that reaches the skin and its effectiveness. Worldwide, naturally occurring dietary sources of vitamin D are limited, and food fortification is optional, inconsistent, inadequate, or nonexistent. aspx, accessed December 24, 2009). Unfortunately, commonly recommended daily intakes of vitamin D are known to be insufficient if sunlight exposure is limited. 4 Further barriers to cutaneous vitamin D production

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