One thought on “What the difference between vulnerability assessments and penetration testing?

  1. Arti says:

    While many businesses monitor machines necessary for business operations, many companies do not consider keeping their systems secure and up-to-date. After a vulnerability assessment, the produced report can help the business develop patch and vulnerability management plans. A vulnerability assessment aims to uncover network vulnerabilities and recommend the appropriate mitigation or remediation to reduce or remove the vulnerability exposure. Outdated programs or operating systems are easy entry points for hackers, as exploits for newer software versions are hard to find. On the other hand, vulnerability management is the process of identifying and fixing potential security concerns that affect the devices within a network. Patch management is the process of keeping any software used up-to-date. A vulnerability assessment uses automated network security scanning tools to generate a list of potential vulnerabilities that currently affect organizations’ security. While vulnerability management may occur once every so often, continuous vulnerability management involves using vulnerability assessment software to assess the environment over a length of time. Ongoing vulnerability management programs are an excellent tool to help inform businesses of new security risks. System uptime is a critical part of their business operations, and that security is only a concern f

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