One thought on “What to expect during Dental Implant Surgery?

  1. Arti says:

    If you are very anxious about the procedure, please tell our team and we can prescribe a sedative prior to the appointment. Finally, a crown will be placed on top of the healed implant for a beautiful permanent smile. Over the next several months, the implant will become integrated with the bone. Your Dental Depot implant dentist will then make a small incision through the gums and create a canal in the bone for the implant. Your gums will then be sutured. The actual implant is placed into this hole. Prior to surgery, your dentist has evaluated your bone strength and viability to make sure your implant remains firmly where it has set and complications are minimized. When you arrive at the office for your implant surgery, you will receive anesthetic prior to the implant being placed.

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