One thought on “What Type of Business Bank Account Should I Open?

  1. Arti says:

    alternative types of accounts offer alternative benefits and incentives. If you’re a part of a non-profit, LLC, or a few other business partnership, you can open a bank account after all the documentation associated with the business structure has been formalized. it’s recommended that a business account be opened at the launch of the business and after any articles of incorporation and other applicable documents have been signed. You should select the type that’s most applicable to your business. a few accounts are geared more toward specific industries and many are based upon how many transactions you handle each month. There are many types of business accounts. At Huntington, we offer several types of business accounts and an account representative can help you pick the best type of business checking account for you. If you’re a sole proprietor, then this can be done as soon as you’ve documented your business name.

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