One thought on “Who do you think is best positioned to take advantage of this change?

  1. Arti says:

    If you reduced enough you will lose the Featured Snippet. However, I would recommend that marketers keep an eye on Google now displaying a separate URL from the same domain that ranks in the Featured Snippet within the top 10 results, as this may be an area of opportunity. While it’s great to be featured as #1 on Google SERPs, and the feature itself is great user experience, in a few cases the featured snippet performed worse than #1 results due to the amount of information provided by Google. At the moment, it’s unclear how marketers should take advantage of this change, other than monitoring the performance of their own featured snippets and the click-through rates of the pages for which they rank. My question to Google is, will this give you your regular snippet (blue link) back? Google replied back to my tweet and confirmed that removing the FS will get you back your regular listing. Featured Snippets is a double edged sword. One of the ideas I have is to reduce the size of the max-snippet tag that controls the text size displayed in the Featured Snippet.

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