who is a good candidate for metal-free implants?

One thought on “who is a good candidate for metal-free implants?

  1. Arti says:

    As long as patients are in good health, and have the proper bone structure to accommodate “traditional” implants, they are good candidates for metal-free implants. When patients who have naturally thin tissue opt for metal implants, they often show through and are easily detectable. Moreover, the zirconia implants are white, which is helpful for preserving the final cosmetic results in highly esthetic areas, which include the anterior of the mouth. Zirconia implants are beneficial to patients who either have a pre-existing metal allergy, or simply prefer not to place metal into their body. In addition to the benefits of zirconia implants mentioned above,¬†¬†they also offer higher tensile strength from fracture compared to titanium implants.

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