One thought on “Why are children with Reactive Attachment Disorder so impaired?

  1. Arti says:

    There also appears to be a biological component to children’s behavior – on a few level, children understand that they have a higher chance of survival if they are pleasing to the caregiver. Most of the time, this modeling is a positive process wherein children learn to be positive members of society, with good values and behaviors. Eventually, normal children will internalize or “absorb” these values and will be increasingly self-regulating as they mature. As discussed before, the normal child treasures positive care, statements, and rewards so will model their behavior after their caregivers. Because the individual with RAD has difficulty connecting to others, their value system is often severely impaired. As children go out into the world they learn to model their behavior to other authority figures and to peers in order to please them and to receive rewards.

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