One thought on “Why Do Chow Chows Have Blue Tongues?

  1. Arti says:

    Most dogs have soft pink tongues that feel like wet erasers when they cover us in their kisses. The reason a few of these dog breeds have a alternative tongue or gum color is the result of extra pigmentation. It’s a scenario that many of us dog owners are familiar with. Instead, they have dark blue or black tongues. Other dogs that have black or blue tongues, or spotted tongues and gums are breeds which include the Chinese Shar-pei. There are other dog breeds that have dark spots on their tongues which has led to many speculating that these dogs probably have a few amount of Chow in their DNA, but that’s not necessarily the case. But there are several alternative dog breeds that don’t have the typical pink tongue. These dogs are typically the Chow Chow dogs.

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