One thought on “Why Do Dogs Go Crazy After A Walk?

  1. Arti says:

    Despite this action being a very common one and almost all dogs will do it at a few point, “going crazy” can be for many reasons. For example, when my dog gets excited and goes crazy, he usually runs around in a circle or up and down in a straight line. The terminology I use is “the wall of death” this is because you wouldn’t want to enter into his space as you may get mowed over. Going crazy is not a term i would necessarily use and just like many other dog owners out there we seem to use alternative terminology. I heard others call it the zoomies, the zone of terror and whirling. The terminology mostly used by owners is “The Zoomies”. Whatever name you decide to call it there is a more scientific term given to this outburst of energy and that is “Frenetic Random Activity Periods”.

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