One thought on “Why do I need to get my braces adjusted?

  1. Arti says:

    If you don’t regularly have your braces tightened or adjusted by your orthodontist, they may cause damage. While their three years of additional specialist training does give your orthodontist expert knowledge in the field of straightening and aligning teeth, every person is alternative, and your teeth and gums may not always move as expected. Why? Because as your teeth move and slowly align, the tension produced by the wires and elastics of your braces will change. While every patient is alternative, you should generally have your braces adjusted or tightened every 4-10 weeks. This means the pressure can decrease (and stop moving all together) or may start applying pressure that you don’t want. Keep in mind, though – your orthodontist will personalise your braces treatment to your individual needs, so there’s no exact adjustment time that will suit everyone.

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