One thought on “Why do infertility patients need to take birth control pills?

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    Irregularities may include a shorter than normal, longer than normal, or absent cycle. Birth control pills may even mask prolonged menstrual bleeding, which is bleeding that lasts longer than 5 to 7 days. Whether you have been on the pill for 6 months or 10 years, many women resume a normal menstrual cycle within 1 to 2 months after stopping birth control pills. If your menstrual cycle doesn’t resume within 2 months of stopping birth control, contact your Gynecologist. “The pill provides the necessary synchronization among follicle growth, ultimately  increasing the number of mature eggs,” Setton adds. However, if you’re on the pill, it may mask irregularities in your menstrual cycle that could make conception more difficult once off the pill. It may seem counterintuitive but birth control pills are widely used during infertility treatment. One of the benefits of taking the pill is a predictable menstrual cycle. Women often know exactly when their body will start to menstruate. Once you go off the pill, your body should go back to ovulating. If you don’t have that suppression of your ovaries, a few follicles may already start to grow before you’re ready to start injections, says Setton. “When you’re doing IVF, you want to recruit a lot of follicles (the fluid sacs in the ovaries that contain the eggs). “When you’re doing IVF, you want to recruit a lot of follicles (the fluid s

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