One thought on “Why Do Your Teeth Shift After Braces?

  1. Arti says:

    Yikes. This is quite a predicament, but you still have options — a surefire solution to your orthodontic relapse that will help you leave lasting impressions every time you smile. Understandably, when you notice your teeth shifting it can lead to a momentary panic. In other words, if teeth have shifted and you attempt to wear a poorly fitting retainer, you may end up damaging your teeth even more. You might feel like you can “fix the damage” by using an old retainer. Pressure is applied over the surface area of your teeth every time you chew, clench your teeth, sneeze, or smile. It can be difficult to pin down the exact reason why teeth shift after braces, but many cases can be attributed to the amount of wear and tear your teeth go through on a daily basis. This pressure is applied day in and day out, and not always evenly, which can cause your teeth to shift in unpredictable ways. Let’s make this clear, a retainer’s ability to straighten your teeth is predicated on its fit.

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