One thought on “Why does my root canal need to have retreated?

  1. Arti says:

    Our Endodontist in Pasadena has a very high rate of success in Root Canal treatment and provide insight into potential causes and how they may be corrected. A root canal retreatment may be the best option to preserve your tooth. The main purpose of Root Canals in Pasadena is to save the tooth that is badly infected. Five steps are involved in a Root Canal Treatment in Pasadena and are performed in one or two dental visits. A root canal is a treatment that is done to remove the infected tissue and bacteria so that you are relieved from the severe pain. Before jumping into the steps of root canal let us first understand what is a root canal and when it’s needed. With modern technology and techniques, the root canal has evolved into a comfortable treatment that requires one or two dental visits to our Endodontist in Pasadena. A Root Canals might get Retreated if the previous treatment doesn’t heal properly or infection is evident. When the root canal works get completed you might need an extra appointment to place a crown for the tooth. The first appointment works on fixing the pain you have. Once the pain gets completed the next appointment will be to treat the root canal. Two appointments are required for a Root Canal in Pasadena.

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