One thought on “Why is Baking Soda Mouthrinse Recommended for Pregnant Women?

  1. Arti says:

    Products you can buy in a store are specifically formulated by scientists and dental professionals with the most optimal oral care needs in mind. All while providing a more pleasant taste than a bitter powder. They utilize a mixture of powerful ingredients to strengthen enamel, prevent cavities, replenish calcium, reduce plaque, and prevent gingivitis in the best ways advances in science have discovered over the last 100 or more years. But for a sensitive mouth, those powerful ingredients can feel too powerful. Baking soda mouth rinse is a viable alternative if you need a more gentle approach to oral care. Rinse your mouth out well, and don’t swallow your mouth rinse to be on the safe side. The National Capital Poison Center warns that too much baking soda can be toxic. It’s highly unlikely anyone will ingest enough with a mouth rinse to have any adverse baking soda mouthwash side effects, but it’s worth noting all the same. And despite the intuition to brush your teeth immediately after vomiting, it’s recommended that you do not. According to the Cleveland Clinic, 70% of women experience morning sickness.

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