One thought on “Why Is This important for Speech-Language Pathology?

  1. Arti says:

    g. it’s important as a practitioner to know the location in the cerebral hemispheres of the primary areas and to know the key processing functions thought to be associated with each of the principal lobes. I often recommend that in the beginning you “tag” the lobes in your memory as containing certain structures and performing certain critical functions for speech, language, or hearing (e. The cerebral hemispheres contain networks for information processing and contain the primary cortical areas that activate muscles and initially receive sensory input. , temporal lobe = Heschl’s gyrus, Wernicke’s area, hearing, auditory comprehension). Elizabeth Lindenberger, Diane E. Contemporary practice in speech-language pathology, regardless of where one practices, often requires medical record review and understanding. When these mechanisms are underdeveloped or disrupted by disease or injury, speech, swallowing, hearing, and/or language deficits as well as cognitive deficits may occur.

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