One thought on “Why may a German Shepherd Pitbull Mix not be a good pet for you?

  1. Arti says:

    Most German Shepherds have a dense double coat with long or short outer hair and fleece-like underfur that needs extensive brushing. They blow their undercoat twice a year, requiring de-shedding tools and even more frequent brush outs. Your Shepherd Pit Bull mix can look mostly like a German Shepherd or a Pit Bull Terrier or any variety between the two. Although not widely sought, the GSD Pitbull mix is likely a common cross. Accidental mixes would be frequent in two such popular breeds, and purposeful breeding of the German Shepherd and Pit Bull probably has roots with performance-minded people. They are not for apartment life but may not do well on a farm, either. Still, many look strikingly alternative from either parent with recognizable traits of both. Like most dogs, German Pits take a special kind of owner.

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