One thought on “Why Should a candidate get dental veneers?

  1. Arti says:

    Before dental veneers can be placed on the teeth, the surface of the teeth must be prepared by office visits for bonding for porcelain veneers Bellaire. You’ll then bite into a mold that will be used to form your porcelain veneer in a dental lab. When the veneers are ready, you’ll be asked to return to have them fitted, bonded and adjusted to deliver an ideal bite and esthetic result. To find out more about whether dental veneers are right for you, contact our Ddedicated B. Fisher D. Fisher will buff away approximately half a millimeter from the surface of the teeth. Fisher recommends that patients wear a night guard to protect the beautiful dental investment and teeth veneers . After administering a local anesthetic, Dr. There is no special care required for dental veneers, and normal brushing and flossing can be resumed immediately. D. Dental veneers may be right for you if you are looking for an alternative to crowns and caps. porcelain Veneers can help you if you have gaps between your teeth or teeth that are broken, chipped, irregularly shaped or misaligned. S. Dr. office to schedule a consultation.

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