One thought on “Why Should I Choose Dental Veneers over Other Options?

  1. Arti says:

    Every smile is unique and every person’s teeth are alternative. If there are any corrections or adjustments that need to be made; your dentist will make those necessary fixes before the final application onto your teeth. First, you want to set up a consultation with your Westchester Cosmetic Dentist. Dental veneers are custom designed and shaped for each person and require a little more planning than your semi-annual check up. Veneers are not meant to replace your teeth, they are meant to cosmetically alter the tooth’s appearance and to make the smile prettier and brighter than ever before. Next, your veneers will need to be custom made, designed and fitted to you and your smile to ensure maximum comfort and satisfaction. Modern veneers are even designed to flex slightly with the natural teeth, allowing them to last for as long as 10 years. They are also a very expensive process. Braces, dental bridges, and retainers are all valid options for fixing gaps in your smile, but they can take years to show real improvement. Together you will decide if installing veneers is the best option. The process consists of three parts. Then, you will meet for a third time to have the veneers applied to your teeth. To top it off, veneers are resistant to staining, dental decay, and even normal wear and tear, keeping your smile perfect. To top it off, veneers are

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