One thought on “Why should I whiten through my dentist?

  1. Arti says:

    These special ingredients make your enamel smoother and more lustrous as well. And Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite have a special formula with built-in potassium nitrate and ACP (amorphous calcium phosphate), which are known desensitizers. Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed has adjustable intensity settings to help maximize patient comfort, and 99% of patients experienced little to no sensitivity. We also recommend that you brush with a sensitivity formula toothpaste like Fluoridex Daily Defense Sensitivity Relief two weeks prior to whitening, and that you take ibuprofen on the day of your treatment. The most common concern is temporary teeth sensitivity, but lots of advances have been made in recent years to help combat this. With Philips Zoom WhiteSpeed, you can get up to eight shades whiter teeth in one 45-minute office visit. And unlike over-the-counter options, your dentist will work hand in hand with you until you’re completely satisfied with your results. Philips Zoom DayWhite and NiteWhite offer a dramatically whiter smile in one to two weeks. While results vary from person to person, your smile will be noticeably whiter with Philips Zoom.

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