One thought on “Why Would Patients Need a Bone Graft?

  1. Arti says:

    In most cases, bone grafting works for patients and is an ideal way to prepare for implants and All-on-Four ® treatments. This doesn’t mean that patients aren’t eligible for implants or All-on-Four ® treatments, it simply means that additional work needs to be done to prepare for the implants and permanent dentures. It can take a few time for the bone to connect and become part of your jaw bone, so you’ll continue to wear your dentures or other special dentures we give you, in the meantime. Over time, if jawbones don’t have any teeth to support, essential nutrients and minerals can be lost through the gums which can cause the bone to erode and disappear. A bone graft is a surgical procedure in which donor bone, or the patient’s own bone, is placed and grafted to the existing bone. Once the bone has healed, the implant process can begin. In a few cases, patients who have had traditional dentures for a few time might have experience bone loss as a result of missing teeth.

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