One thought on “Will I need a new denture or can I continue using my existing denture?

  1. Arti says:

    Your overdenture is also quite durable Your dentist creates holes in your denture, places the connectors on your implants, and adds acyrlic to connect the two together. Most patients receive a new set of denture as part of their snap on denture treatment. Your overdenture is also quite durable and lasts a very longtime. If it’s determined that a conversion is possible, your dentist will add connectors to your dentures to connect them to your dental implants. Talk to a dentist near you to see if this a viable treatment option for you. You have the option of receiving either 2 implants, 4 implants, 6 implants, or 4 implants plus a denture bar. However, if you have recently received a new set of denture that you love everything about, there is a chance that your dentist can convert your existing dentures into a set of snap-on-dentures.

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