One thought on “Will my dog be able to see normally after cataract surgery?

  1. Arti says:

    Complications from cataract surgery in dogs is rare, but a few complications seen by veterinary ophthalmologists post-surgery are corneal ulcers and pressure elevations within the eye. The long-term prognosis for your dog maintaining vision after surgery is about 90% at 1 year, and 80% at 2 years post-operatively. All surgical procedures with pets or people come with a few level of risk. Atseeming a follow-up exam with your dog’s surgeon is essential for helping to prevent issues from developing after the surgery. Sadly, not all dogs with cataracts are suitable candidates for surgery, so it may not be an option for your pooch. There is no treatment available that can reverse a cataracts once it has formed however, cataracts can often be removed┬ásurgically to help restore your dog’s vision. Successful long-term outcomes depend upon good post-operative care and regular visits to the veterinarian for eye examinations and monitoring. Provided that the rest of the eye is in good working order, cataract surgery in dogs is considered a very successful treatment with a high rate of positive outcomes. Approximately 95% of dogs regain vision as soon as they recover from the procedure.

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