One thought on “Can sun exposure to ensure adequate vitamin D production cause skin cancer?

  1. Arti says:

    Human epidemiological studies have linked low vitamin D levels to increased mortality from heart disease and colon cancer, and heightened risk of breast cancer. Low vitamin D has been tentatively linked to skin cancer, metabolic disease, hypertension, obesity, upper respiratory tract infections and other microbe-caused infections (Adams 2010, Tang 2010, Ginde 2009). S. could be attributed to low levels of vitamin D3, a specific type of vitamin D (Chowdhury 2014). But strict sun protection can exacerbate vitamin D deficiency (Norval 2009, Reichrath 2009). Physicians and scientists agree that people should use sun protection to prevent skin cancer, and to reduce its toll on human health and health care costs (Gordon 2009). An international team of scientists led by researchers from Cambridge University and Rotterdam University analyzed 95 research studies and calculated that 13 percent of deaths in the U.

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