One thought on “Can the cataract come back after surgery?

  1. Arti says:

    Because we remove all of the lens fibers during surgery, the cataract cannot come back. This is uncommon, but if it does occur in your pet, we can attempt to remove this scar tissue with a non-invasive laser procedure, that may be available at a few locations. In a few cases, progressive scarring of the capsule that surrounded the lens may result in a few cloudiness and a recurrence of visual disturbances many years from the time of cataract surgery. No. The surgical removal of a vision-impairing cataract can result in a dramatic improvement of functional vision. a few owners may not notice this difference unless their dog performed work or tricks requiring high visual acuity prior to cataract formation. If you suspect that a cataract is forming in one or both of your pet’s eyes, call Eye Care for Animals. As previously stated, pets that do not receive intraocular lenses will still have vision, but their near-vision, depth perception, and visual acuity will be reduced but still much better than with cataract. The implantation of an intraocular lens will bring your pet’s vision back to as close to normal as possible. a few dogs need more time to adjust than others, but most notice their pets are seeing well within 2 weeks after surgery.

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