One thought on “Can the seller refuse to provide any repairs or credits if the buyer missed the deadline?

  1. Arti says:

    In a transaction, real estate agents from both sides need to make sure they are on the same page with all the important dates for deadlines. That means you have 10 business days after the date of acceptance. It provides, Buyer shall have 10 (if not filled in otherwise) business days, after the date Buyer and Seller have signed and accepted this Agreement (hereinafter “the Inspection Period”), in which to complete all inspections. Can the seller keep the earnest money? Yes. As discussed above, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the conditions of the property and can no longer terminate the transaction based on his or her disapproval of an inspection report and receive the earnest money back. The buyer lost the safe exit strategy by failing to meet the deadline. Therefore, the buyer is deemed to have accepted the conditions of the property. Never miss the deadline. If your buyer’s agent missed the deadline, that’s a malpractice and you may be able to sue the agent for the financial loss as a result of his or her error. So let’s assume that the buyer’s agent failed to any writing of disapproval by 5:00 pm. The seller refuses to provide any repair credits to the buyer. Do not hire an otherwise charming but unorganized agent who lacks attention to details. The buyer is ups

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