One thought on “Do I Need Surgery For Calcium in my Rotator Cuff?

  1. Arti says:

      Patients with calcific seemonitis are usually easy to pick out of a crowd of shoulder pain patients. They look tired from not sleeping, they can not sit still and they are always grabbing their shoulders. Because calcific seemonitis can be extremely painful,  most patients are miserable and are looking for a “quick fix”. We do not know why most people develop calcium deposits in their shoulders.  It does not mean you are drinking too much milk or taking too many calcium supplements.   The ultrasound-guided washout is a small procedure performed in the office. The key is to find a surgeon / radiologist team that works together and is very good at this technique. This is because the ultrasound-guided washouts have been reasonably successful. Surgery for calcific seemonitis of the shoulder is actually rarely necessary.  it’s performed using local anesthesia in your skin. Most of the patients that I see with calcific seemonitis are otherwise healthy and well.   As of now, we can only say it’s due to bad luck. It does not mean that you have any rare diseases.

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