One thought on “Do lasers/lights have any effect on the bleaching process?

  1. Arti says:

    Therefore, you will have to consider what your smile will look like if your natural teeth get lighter but your restorations do not. This has not been proven. The main problem with lights, besides additional expense, is that there can be an increase in tooth sensitivity. Also, exposed tooth roots don’t bleach, so if you have root exposure, your results won’t be ideal. Avoid tobacco and beverages that stain, which include red wine, tea and coffee. Avoid tobacco and beverages that stain, which include red The outcome is the same with or without the light. The light may provide a few faster initial rate of change in the first few days, but it’s the peroxide that is doing the bleaching. They remain the same color. Tooth-colored composite (plastic resins) or ceramic (porcelain) tooth restorations can’t be lightened with bleach. This is a good topic to discuss with your dentist, who can run through the options in your particular case. Most likely, they only give the appearance of whitening as a result of dehydration or drying out of the tooth.

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