One thought on “Do Mini German Shepherds Make Good Pets?

  1. Arti says:

    , they can cost anywhere between $900-$4,000. If you are contemplating getting a miniature German Shepherd you may be wondering what he will look like. It can be quite a challenge to find a good breeder that specializes in the type of miniature German Shepherd that you are looking for. a few dishonest breeders may even advertise the dog as a purebred or as a “teacup dog. The idea of having a mini German Shepherd is that you want a smaller dog with the looks and temperament of the purebred. Depending on various factors which include breeder, bloodline, location, the number of puppies, etc. Buying a purebred German Shepherd from a reputable breeder can be expensive. German Shepherds are the preferred dog for the police and military and are also used as assistance dogs or simply as loyal family pets. German Shepherds are the preferred dog for the polic

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