One thought on “Do mixed breed dogs make good pets?

  1. Arti says:

    If you own a mixed breed dog, you’ll need to be attentive – making sure you can recognise when they need a bit more exercise or when they are exhausted, so you can find a balance. That amount of exercise a mixed breed dog needs is highly dependent on the individual dog and the breeds that make them up. Your vet may also be able to help you choose an appropriate activity goal. Mixed breed dogs may have fewer inherited health issues than pedigrees as they have a greater genetic diversity. In many circumstances – absolutely. The first, most well known, is the Breed Register. Of course, it all depends on the dog’s personality and the lifestyle you lead. Mixed breed dogs are not eligible for this register. The Kennel Club has two registers for dogs. This is only open to pedigree dogs who can demonstrate their lineage. This is only

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