One thought on “Do Some Westies Shed More Than Others?

  1. Arti says:

    There are a number of things that could result in hair shedding;Nutrition –  A change in your dog’s diet can have an effect on their body and they may even develop an allergy. The vet can offer you advice if you and your pooch are having problems. Ensure your westie is fed appropriate food bought from reputable pet shops or pet food outlets will help ensure they have all the vitamins they need. Separation anxiety is a big problem for dogs that are left alone for long periods of time and can lead to them suffering with stress. Stress – westies can feel stress in similar ways that us humans can. This can lead to hair loss so make sure you have checked any medication your pup may be on for side effects and talk to the vet if these become a problem. They love to play and chase and are sociable creatures that will find a place deep in your heart. One of the effects that stress can have on your westie is hair loss and skin issues. Your dog’s characteristics and personality will be unique to your pet and this is true for hair shedding too. Parasites and Pests – regular grooming and appropriate flea treatments should keep this issue at bay and avoid any extra skin issues. The overall dog breed is considered one with none to minimal shedding but any variation in breeding through its ancestry or a change in your dogs characteristics can mean that it doesn’t completely match it’s breeding standard and may have slightly alternative shedding habits than the average westie. If your westie has started to shed then it may need a trip to the vet to see if there are any medical problems that need atseeming to. Other allergens your pet could be reacting to include shampoos, cleaning products and food. A healthy westie won’t shed very much and it’s hard to reduce this any further. The short answer is, no. Allergies – Any animal can develop allergies and skin irritation is a common side effect. As furry companions go a westie is a lovable, cuddly, happy, go lucky pet with an energy and attitude that brightens up an Final Thoughts: Do Westies Shed?

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