One thought on “Do the risks of taking seizure medicines outweigh the benefits?

  1. Arti says:

    Make sure to tell your doctor about any problems that occur and how they affect you. Other times they don’t. Cognitive problems – problems with thinking, remembering, paying attention or concentrating, finding the right words, or other symptoms – can be due to side effects of a few seizure medicines. Problems with cognition which include thinking, remembering and paying attention are most likely to occur when two or more medicines are used together (polytherapy). Read more about the effects of epilepsy and seizure medicines on cognition in the section of epilepsy. com called Thinking and Behavior. No. In almost every case, when a doctor recommends treatment with seizure medicines, the benefits clearly outweigh the risks. Since seizure medicines lower the excitability of nerve cells in the brain, they can also affect normal activity. a few medicines may also affect a fewone’s energy level, mood, motivation or how quickly they think or do tasks. a few medicines may also affect a fewo a fewtimes the way that seizure medicines stop seizures also can affect how the brain works in other ways.

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