One thought on “Do The Traditional Color Breeders Accept The Silver Labrador As A Purebred?

  1. Arti says:

    Until perhaps the 1950s, the silver-colored lab was completely unseen or if it was then it was probably culled at birth. While researching, I’ve only read the Silver Lab historically described as a ‘diluted chocolate color’, an example of which is in the photograph at the top of this page. Although many believe the Silver Labrador Retriever isn’t a pure breed and pour scorn upon the breeders that produce them, you can actually register them as a pedigree in a few countries. The majority of the breeders of the traditional colors believe the Silver Labrador Doesn’t exist. There is a ‘silver dog’ that looks like a Lab, this cannot be argued, but it shouldn’t be recognized as a Labrador.

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