One thought on “How Do Doctors Test People for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

  1. Arti says:

    If your
    child has been near a fewone with coronavirus or been in an area where lots of people
    have coronavirus, tell the doctor. Talk about whether your child needs a test for
    coronavirus. To test a fewone for coronavirus, doctors put a Q-tip (a swab) into the nose or
    mouth, then send it to a lab. If the person coughs up mucus, doctors might send that
    for testing too. People also can order special
    kits to do the test at home. They also can test a sample of saliva (spit). At a few testing sites, people can swab
    themselves following directions from the health care team. a few areas offer drive-thru testing, which
    lets people stay in their car during the test. Call your doctor if your child has a fever, cough, trouble breathing, sore throat,
    belly pain, vomiting, diarrhea, rash, dizziness, or just doesn’t feel well.

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