One thought on “How do I get started with immediate dental implants?

  1. Arti says:

    Stein, Dr. Dr. Please call 212-888-4760 or schedule an appointment online to arrange for a private consultation at our office. Koslovsky, and our staff would be happy to discuss same day dental implants with you. The first visit will be to place the base of your dental implant into your jaw. On your second visit, your doctor would then place your crown by securely fixing it to the base of your dental implant. Other cases where a patient has lost all of his or her teeth are instances where immediate dental implants may be suggested. There are a few limitations, so your dental implant surgeon has to evaluate your particular situation on an individual basis, a fewtimes using a very high-tech device called a Cone Beam CT scan. Stein and Dr. Koslovsky will help you determine if you are a candidate for same day dental implants or other dental implant procedures, which include zirconia implants or traditional dental implants. OsSearch engine optimizationintegration is the process in which the implant fuses to the jaw bone, creating a secure and stable fit of the dental implant. OsSearch engine optimizationinte

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