One thought on “How Do I Sell My Digital Marketing Services?

  1. Arti says:

    The basic framing of hourly work, project-based work, and retainer-based work is always sound and will always be appropriate. This is pretty much how the process works. If you’re looking for a mechanical step-by-step process to sell your digital marketing services, what might that look like? Well, the basic process begins by identifying the right people. Let’s start at the beginning: What is the most effective sales strategy for digital marketing services? How should you be thinking? You can choose from those three, as they relate to your clientele and as they relate to your company. From there you make contact, that contact leads to a conversation, and that conversation becomes a closed sale. Now I want to talk about how you package your services so you can describe them better and deliver them better. So you’ve figured out your pricing, you know how to pitch your services, and you’ve landed a few clients.

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