One thought on “How do you know if an oral appliance is working?

  1. Arti says:

    After you’ve been using your oral appliance, we’ll conduct another sleep test. From there, we can make any adjustments or try another type of appliance if yours isn’t effective. a few people report muscle pain in the mornings after using their appliance, especially in the first few days. The results of this second sleep test are compared to your initial sleep test to see how much of an improvement your oral appliance has made. If you currently sleep on your back, you may be worsening your condition because it’s easier for your airway to close. There are no serious side effects of using an oral appliance and they’re highly effective. Sleeping on your side may help keep your airway clear while you’re asleep. Yes, there are a number of additional ways to help your sleep apnea. This soreness will likely go away a

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