One thought on “How Does ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) Work?

  1. Arti says:

    And accordingly, it diffuses the high volume of calls into specific queues based on customer requirements. The routing is determined based on several filters like working hours, call traffic, the time zone of the customer, the skills required to solve the query, etc. An automatic call distributor system works by using several parameters. These channels then meet with the best available agent. It’s like a river with a huge volume of calls being broken down into smaller channels. No matter whether you are an in-office team of 5 or a virtual call center of 50 remote agents. As ACD agents, you are never overburdened with customer calls and queries. The ACD system smoothens up customer-agent interactions by connecting the caller with the most suitable rep. But if they do, the ACD system will kick in. When a customer reaches a call center via phone and is intercepted by the IVR system, the customers choose from the options presented to them. a fewtimes, this is enough and the customer who is calling doesn’t need to speak to a live agent.

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