One thought on “How Does the Perio Protect Tray Work?

  1. Arti says:

    Unlike tooth brushing and flossing which requires patients to use specific techniques, with the Perio Tray, patients just add medication and pop it into their mouth. The tray may also help patients avoid the need for systemic antibiotics, which can be over-used. The Perio Tray has many advantages as a gum disease treatment device, but perhaps the most important benefits of the Perio Tray is that it’s a more comfortable, more effective, and less invasive option to deliver medication deep below the gums. This use also allows for a more complete treatment of biofilms beneath the gums. The lab will use these measurements to customized an internal seal for each Perio Tray. Your dentist or hygienist will take measurement of your mouth and send them to the dental laboratory along with a mold of your mouth. The special internal seals in the Perio Tray make is possible to place medication directly into the pockets between teeth and gum tissue. When the tray is ready, patients put medication directly in the Tray and wear it for several minutes each day. In addition, the Perio Tray is not technique sensitive.

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