One thought on “How does Virgin Pulse fit in to Employee Benefits?

  1. Arti says:

    From the time involved in finding the right wellbeing solution partner to the money required to implement, communicate, and measure effectiveness, the investment in a corporate wellbeing solution is significant. The appeal of Virgin Pulse’s wellbeing solutions lies in their flexibility and breadth because every organization and individual’s needs are alternative. If you already have wellbeing programs in place, Virgin Pulse can help you unify them through HR programs, tools and added benefits. We recommend talking with your employee benefits advisor or specialist to find out more about the benefits packages and solutions your business is committed to providing. Our purpose is to make your programs accessible through a seamless and dynamic employee communications and benefits portal. With Virgin Pulse’s culture-first technology, your business is sure to see improved personal and business outcomes. This unique approach allows Virgin Pulse to meet you where you are on your wellbeing journey, and evolve with you and your business. Virgin Pulse provides versatile benefits solutions to employers by utilizing culture-first technology. a few companies will have an internal employee benefits information system (also known as a benefits portal) which will contain the services being offered.

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