One thought on “How is childhood apraxia of speech treated?

  1. Arti says:

    Not all children with childhood
    apraxia of speech have the same signs. Not all speech experts agree on the core signs
    of the condition. This can help improve
    your child’s progress. Family support is a key part of treatment for a child with apraxia of
    speech. SLPs often use a variety of
    methods to treat it. It can be difficult to diagnose. Many other speech and language
    disorders can cause limited or unclear speech. This helps him or her to distinguish childhood apraxia from
    other kinds of speech conditions. Speech language therapy
    is the main treatment for apraxia of speech. An SLP has a lot of experience
    with speech problems. Because of this, a speech language
    pathologist (SLP) may need to diagnose the condition. Childhood apraxia is a very complex
    disorder. Your child’s
    speech therapist may assign exercises to practice with your child. Your child’s
    speech therapist may assign exercises to pract

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