One thought on “How Many Missing Teeth Can a Bridge Replace?

  1. Arti says:

    Bridges rely on the support of your existing teeth to stay in place. However, if you take proper care of your restoration with regular at-home oral hygiene and dental checkups, you can expect it to last 10 to 15 years before you need a replacement. The daily pressures of biting and chewing can wear them down over the years. Dental bridges are a wonderful method of replacing up to four consecutive missing teeth at the same time. However, this can depend on the status of your remaining teeth. So, while we can replace one, two, three, or even four missing teeth in a row with a bridge, you might be a better candidate for a partial denture in a few cases, particularly if you’re missing teeth on both sides of your mouth. While the materials used to make crowns and bridges are quite durable, they unfortunately aren’t designed to last forever. For teeth toward the front of the mouth, though, we typically will use dental porcelain to craft your crown or bridge. For a number of days after we place your temporary c

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