One thought on “What about Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd shedding issues?

  1. Arti says:

    It starts with the life expectancy, which is around 10-13 years for both. Surprisingly, this is another area where the two breeds are pretty similar. it’s the temperament and behavior of the dogs that many people are most concerned with, and this is where a few of the most important difference between the two really start to come into play. A common question here is do golden retrievers or german shepherds shed more? If the idea of buying a puppy from either breed seems like too much hassle – either because of this buying process or that fact that you don’t really want to train a puppy, there is always the options of adopting a Golden Retriever or German Shepherd. The needs are quiet similar when caring for these dogs at home and there is little between the two “Golden Retriever vs German Shepherd family dog”. The needs

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