One thought on “What are alternatives to Root Canal Treatment?

  1. Arti says:

    Most people facing root canal treatment are curious as to whether there are alternative procedures worth considering. The truth is, a root canal isn’t usually any more painful than a typical dental filling. There is a common misconception that root canals are very painful. A patient suffering from an infected root canal will almost certainly recognize that there is a fewthing wrong. There will likely be seemerness or sensitivity for a number of days though as the root canal heals because the tissues around the gums could be swollen or agitated. Getting a root canal is the best possible solution. The dentists usually provide an anesthetic before the procedure so during and a short while after there isn’t a huge amount of discomfort. Unfortunately, with either of these options, you risk the infection spreading deeper into your face or adjacent teeth. Since endodontic therapy is considered a “last line of defense” for restoring your tooth, the only remaining options are to have your tooth extracted or wait until you’re in pain and have it removed at a later date.

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