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    Barbiturates are depressants that produce a wide spectrum of central nervous system depression from mild sedation to coma. Common street names include: Common street names include: Common street names for depressants include: Common street names include: Easy Lay, G, Georgia Home Boy, GHB, Goop, Grievous Bodily Harm, Liquid Ecstasy, Liquid X, and Scoop. Depressants will put you to sleep, relieve anxiety and muscle spasms, and prevent seizures. Benzodiazepines are depressants that produce sedation and hypnosis, relieve anxiety and muscle spasms, and reduce seizures. A person can rapidly develop a dependence on and tolerance to barbiturates, meaning a person needs more and more of them to feel and function normally. GHB overdose can cause death. Barbiturates are older drugs and include butalbital (Fiorina), phenobarbital, Pentothal, Seconal, and Nembutal. Common street names include Benzos and Downers. They also have been used as sedatives, hypnotics, anesthetics, and anticonvulsants. This makes them unsafe, increasing the likelihood of coma or death.

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