One thought on “What Are Fixed Denture Advantages and Disadvantages?

  1. Arti says:

    Also, it gives you the best functionality for chewing. In a few instances, the number of required implants may be six to eight. The reason that a fixed denture is called All-on-four® is that it must rest on a minimum of four implants.  Fixed dentures are considered the “Cadillac” of dental treatment. The implants that are placed in the jaw is what keeps the teeth from moving. This option keeps you from having to rely on denture adhesives. The implants are strategically placed in your mouth to support a full set of teeth. Yes, All-on-four® dental implants are dental hybrids. Also, this prosthetic can be worn to bed and stays in your mouth while cleaning. Patients love that it allows them to eat and talk without them moving around. There are many advantages to fixed dentures.

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